Do you struggle to motivate yourself and worry that something missing?

Are you worrying you might be wasting your time and career on the wrong path?

Do you ever feel guilty spending time away from loved ones on things you're not 100% is going to make a difference in the world?

Do you want your life to have mattered?

Are you ready to...

live a life of meaning both in and out of your career?

feel more in 'flow' with your life?

wake up every morning raring to get started?

swap guilt for clarity and confidence you are making the most of your precious time on this earth

If you've ever felt that way Why Weekender is for you

Over the course of one 3 hour why discovery session plus 3 1:1 follow-up sessions, you and Chloe will uncover your WHY, your unique strengths and how you operate at your natural best.

  • You'll rekindle your purpose in life and your career

  • You'll leave with a greater understanding of who you are and what makes you tick

  • You'll be able to articulate what makes you uniquely you, the difference you are here to make and how to share that with others

  • And you'll start to explore how you an integrate your why into your life so you can re-establish your motivation and energy

Watch Intro Video

One weekend. Your purpose. Let’s find it.

Hear from James as he shares his experience of finding his 'why'

What you'll receive

  • Why Discovery Weekend

    Join us for 2 Days (TBC) for 2x 3-hour virtual why discoveries. Not only will you find your own why. Your unique purpose, what you look like at your natural best.

    You will have the privilege of finding someone else' too, expertly guided through the whole process.

  • Workshops Follow Ups

    As discovering your why is just the start, the secret is to embed it within your life so you live your why. To support we hold 2x follow-up workshops via zoom. These will support you to Uncover your HOWs (the unique ingredients of your why) & Elevate your Voice & share your why with the world.

  • Workbooks & Support

    As soon as you sign up you'll have access to over 20 content modules to set you up to not only find your own why but others too. Additionally, support to embody your why well beyond the weekend & workshops. Consider the coaches and the community your support crew.

When would be a good time to start living the life you were born for?

Join us for two weekends of magical self-discovery - COMING SOON!

Dates for your diary:

Kick off Session - tbc

Discovery 1 - tbc

Discovery 2 - tbc

Uncover Your Hows - tbc

Elevate your Voice - TBC

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

the impact of finding their why

hear from these incredible humans the impact of finding their 'why'

A highlight of my year! The why discovery helped me put into words what truly makes me tick.

Tala Dajani - Category Manager

I'd never felt more lost in my life. I'd achieved everything I'd ever wanted in my career but felt really demotivated and empty. I now have a guiding star and path. I can use my WHY to keep me motivated and trigger what makes me happy. It's been the most motivating thing that could ever have happened to me this year.

It was like the biggest A-Ha moment ever. I liken finding my why to uncovering a big mystery of my life.

James Watson - Pharmacy Team Leader

Up until then, I would try to piece together the clues of what motivated me. I realised I was focused on the "what's". Now I understand the common themes I can build my life around them, make better choices around the big decisions in my life that align with my WHY.

Finding my "WHY" HAS enabled me to be a better version of myself.

Jess Owen-Cover - International Customer Marketing Director

The 'why workshop' has been a game-changer. I could not recommend this enough. I was able to see patterns that entirely resonate but I'd never have picked up on them before. I can now clearly articulate what's important to me in a way that I can constantly come back to.

The Investment

for your virtual 1-on-1 Why Discovery session, 3x follow-up sessions, content modules & extra support from Chloe

Watch Intro Video

Why Finding Your WHY Needs To Be Done In Partners

Hear previous participants share the importance of partners in finding their WHY

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • VIDEO: Welcome to The Why Weekender!

    • The Ground Rules

    • Let's Get Set Up

    • Are You Ready?

  2. 2
    • Introduction to Start with Why

    • VIDEO: The 3-Step Process of Finding Your Why| What to expect for your why discovery

  3. 3
    • WHY DISCOVERY: Partner Workbook

    • VIDEO: Why the discovery process must be done in partners.

    • Top Tips Why Discovery - Partner

  4. 4
    • WHY DISCOVERY: Participant Workbook

    • VIDEO: Preparing To Find My Why | Overcoming the need to find the perfect story

    • Top Tips For Your Why Discovery - Participant

  5. 5
    • Share your DRAFT Why Statement

    • Share your notes & themes with your why discovery partner

  6. 6
    • Uncovering your Hows - Workbook

    • Your HOWs

    • Swipe Files: Templates to Capture your Why and Hows

  7. 7
    • BONUS: What Inspires You Workbook

  8. 8
    • BONUS VIDEO: Introducing the concept of "why" and Simon Sinek's golden circle

    • BONUS: How a VISION & MISSION Relates to the WHY

    • BONUS SWIPE FILE: Strategic Life Design Template

your time is now!

stop wasting time out of alignment, we've got you, let's do this!