Ready to live with purpose, clarity, and confidence?

Are you fed up of...

  • feeling guilty, stressed, lost & confused.

  • worrying that you might be wasting precious time on the wrong path, not making the most of your life.

  • working so hard, climbing the corporate ladder and trying to balance it all yet never feeling you're quite getting it right.

  • lacking motivation, purpose & meaning, without clarity of what difference you're here to make and what's next for you.

Instead do you want

  • Clarity of who you are, what you want and how you're going to get there

  • To create a live of your design, built from a deep understanding of your unique "why"

  • Confidence you're on the right path for you. A life of fulfilment & purpose

"If not you, who? If not now, when?"

Dive in and join a powerhouse community of growth-minded high achievers ready to replace stress & guilt with purpose & confidence.

When would be a good time to start living the life YOU want?

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What you'll receive

  • Guided Content Modules

    Weekly content modules, videos & workbooks to support you in creating clarity and direction, challenging you to focus on turning personal insight & reflection into action.

  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls

    The group coaching sessions will support you, along with the powerhouse community challenge your thinking & hold you accountable throughout the 8-week programme and beyond.

  • Accountability & Community

    Part of a community of growth-minded leaders you're supported from all angles. Plus when the 8 weeks are up you'll have accountability for the full year to support you as you implement your plan.

Watch Intro Video

Our mission for Strategic Life Design

Hear Chloe share the why behind the programme & tips to find your purpose

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • VIDEO: Welcome to Strategic Life Design!

    • The Ground Rules

    • Let's Get Set Up

    • Reflection & Intentions

    • Assignment: Submit your Pre-Play

    • Introduction: Start with Why

    • Are You Ready?

  2. 2
    • Your Hero's Journey

    • Values & Life Story Workbook

    • Your Values

    • What Inspires You

  3. 3
    • Welcome to Chapter 2!

    • Finding Your Why - Highlights & Tips

    • VIDEO: Introducing the concept of "why" and Simon Sinek's golden circle

    • VIDEO: The Process of Finding Your Why

    • WHY DISCOVERY: Participant Workbook

    • WHY DISCOVERY: Partner Workbook

  4. 4
    • Share your DRAFT Why Statement

    • VIDEO: Why Finding Your Why Is Just The Beginning

  5. 5
    • Uncovering your Hows - Workbook

    • Your HOWs

    • VIDEO: Energy Gainers & Drainers

    • My Energy Gainers & Drainers

    • BONUS Videos: Enhancing your Creative Awareness

    • What Inspires You Workbook

    • Let's Start Building your Personal Roadmap

  6. 6
    • Why you don't need a "PURPOSE" e.g. VISION or MISSION to live a life of MEANING

    • How Your VISION & MISSION Relates to Your WHY

    • VIDEO: Why High Achievers need To Focus on The Why: The Danger of Focusing on the Whats And Hows

  7. 7
    • VIDEO: Sara Blakely's Tips for Success

    • VIDEO: Goal Setting

    • Goals & Action Plan Workbook

    • Your Goals/Outcomes

  8. 8
    • OPEN Sesame: The ultimate success formula

    • The Success Cycle & Beliefs in Context

    • Beliefs & Life Story Revisited Workbook

    • My Beliefs, Power Emotions & Support Crew

  9. 9
    • Complete Your Personal Roadmap

    • Celebrate & Commit - Post Programme Reflections

    • SLD Wrap Up Survey

    • Final Check-in: Your Pool of Potential

  10. 10
    • BONUS: Upward Laddering Coaching

    • BONUS: How to Understand Your Human Needs to Create Sticky Goals

    • Check-in: Your Pool of Potential

    • BONUS: The Drama Triangle


what others have shared who have been before

A highlight of my year! The why discovery helped me put into words what truly makes me tick.

Tala Dajani - Category Manager

I’d never felt more lost in my life. I’d achieved everything I’d ever wanted to in my career but felt really demotivated and empty. I now have a guiding star and path. I can use my WHY to keep me motivated and trigger what makes me happy. It's been the most motivating thing that could ever have happened to me this year.

It was like the biggest A-Ha moment ever. I I liken finding my why to uncovering a big mystery in my life.

James Watson - Pharmacy Team Lead

Up until then, I would try to piece together the clues of what motivated me. I realised I was focused on the "what's. Now I understand the common themes I can build my life around them, make better choices around the big decisions in my life that align with my WHY.

I would highly recommend Chloe as a people centred and results orientated leader and facilitator.

Tim Hicks - Sales Director

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop that Chloe expertly facilitated to deliver both an engaging delegate experience but more importantly prioritised outcomes with clear ownership and next steps.

It’s been my single most powerful source of growth in the last 5 years

Maria de Ponga Lopez - National Account Manager

Before I started coaching I felt like I wasn’t really accomplishing much, I wasn’t ticking any boxes. In the last 6 months, I’ve been able to become, day by day, the best version of myself & it’s that commitment that’s helped me get there.

Initially I was sceptical, but the process really shaped who we are as a team

Steve Mallin - Head of Trade & Category Strategy

We were able to dig deep into individuals’ motivations and bring together a united goal & vision. It’s something we refer back to on an almost daily basis and it’s really shaped who we are as a team.

The workshops supported us to bring our full and best self to work everyday

Janine Tison - Brand Manager

Initially, I was conscious of taking an hour out of a busy day to focus on self-development but the outcome was a collaborative work environment with people being really vulnerable about their developmental areas.
Watch Intro Video

ready to dive into your potential

discover how we support you to become the best version of yourself

Meet Chloe, your Coach

Why I created Strategic Life Design

A few years ago I landed the job I thought I’d always dreamed of. Yet despite this, I felt empty, confused, and alone. On paper, I had it all; the sought-after corporate career, the title, the relationship, life by the beach in Australia. But inside I knew that I was here to do more with my life, to make a difference in the world.

So I looked to the strategic planning principles I’d deployed countless times to accelerate sustainable business performance. And instead adapted these principles and more into something that would support individuals to uncover & design a life of depth and meaning. The result was this programme, a 10 step formula for Strategic Life Design.

Fast-forward just a couple of years and I am now living a completely fulfilled life, a life aligned with my "why", my values, vision & unique strengths. Having become an ICF Certified Executive Leadership coach I now have the privilege of supporting individuals and teams to outperformance & clarity through these principles.

So, if you too want to swap stress and guilt for more purpose & fulfilment, simply book a free discovery call and let’s see if this programme could be a fit for you.


As Warren Buffet said "You are your own biggest asset by far ... the best investment you can make is in yourself."

If you want to discuss a payment plan contact and we can help.

The two most important days in your life are the day you’re born & the day you find out why. - Mark Twain

Why wait? We kick off 16th March.