The VIP Strategic Life Design Intensive

Imagine waking up with 100% confidence you had answers to the three most important questions we each must ask.

1. Who am I?

2. What do I want?

3. How am I going to get there?

Our assignment over the next 6 months?

• To dive deep into you. To invest in your most valuable asset, you, by strategically designing your most precious resource, your life.

Because you, my friend, have infinite potential. And whilst we can’t do everything, we can do anything (with a little bit of strategy & a big fat why).

Unfortunately, most people are used to putting themselves last. We get washed around by the corporate engine and other responsibilities we start to lose ourselves.

NOW IS THE TIME THAT STOPS … We go back to basics and together chart the next phase of you, built from who you truly are, you at your core.

Our mission for Strategic Life Design

Hear Chloe share so you can decide if it's for you ...

Are you seeking the answers to these kinds of questions…

  • Is this my best use of time? Am I on the right path?

  • Will I ever stop constantly fighting fires?

  • How can I find more balance? Yet not sacrifice myself, my loved ones or my career?

  • What do I actually want in life? Cos, this isn't quite it.

  • Why do I feel this way? I have so many things I thought I wanted!

  • Will I ever feel good enough? How can I feel more confident?

  • Who am I really? And who do I want to be? (Haha … that’s the BIG one!)

Instead you want

To make a difference in the world, big or small.

To find a work-life balance that’s sustainable long term.

To replace guilt with pride, to constantly have things to celebrate with those you love.

To feel confident, not just fake it, feel it.

To know with certainty you’re on the right path .

To make a difference in the world, big or small.

To become the leader we wish we had, the leader people remember for all the right reasons.

Hear from Louise

How Louise found the confidence to join the Board.

What's included?

Let's Talk Details:


1:1 Mentor style-Coaching with Chloe: (Valued at: £3,950)

10x 60minute 1:1 sessions with (Certified Executive Leadership Coach)

You'll co-design with Chloe your coaching according to your specific needs.


Exclusive Membership Site with:(Valued at: £995)

• Action-focused workbooks & video trainings

• Lifetime access to over 30 content modules that you can come back to time and time again.


Members only Community Platform to: (Valued at: £295)

• Share, support and celebrate your wins with a community of inspirational humans.

• Ask questions and feedback from the community.

Plus even MORE FREE bonuses below

What others have shared

I was blocked, experiencing poor mental health, low confidence and difficulty in making decisions.

Emma Masding - Senior Consultant at Deloitte

I was able to regain confidence and take aligned steps forward in my life. Chloe brings infectious energy and passion in every word and insight shared, she’s created a well structured and thoughtful course, bringing together considerable knowledge and curated to empower real impact. You can’t help but feel more clear, more positive and upbeat from every interaction.

After working with Chloe for almost 6-months honestly, I've never felt better

Anthony Leyba - National Account Executive - Blackmores

Before working with popp, I felt like I was going & going, & despite hitting goals something just didn't feel right. Coming out of the programme I'm feeling a lot more confident in who I am and where I'm going. I have a laser-like focus on sticking to my goals & the best part they feel fun enjoyable & easy. The wins each week keep me motivated.

5 stars. A complete & incredible experience.

Maria de Ponga Lopez - National Account Manager at Reckitt

I was looking for a program that would help me find my purpose & design the life that I truly wanted that will make me happy and will be true to my own values. I've found a path that suited me and I made decisions that led me to be in a better happier place.

A highlight of my year! The why discovery helped me put into words what truly makes me tick.

Tala Dajani - Category Manager at Reckitt

I'd never felt more lost in my life. I'd achieved everything I'd ever wanted in my career but felt really demotivated and empty. I now have a guiding star and path. I can use my WHY to keep me motivated and trigger what makes me happy. It's been the most motivating thing that could ever have happened to me this year.

The action you take is yours to decide, at the very least, you know, you're doing it for you

James Godfrey - Global Commercial Development Lead at Nestle

I realised I'd become very good at planning for others but neglected me. What really mattered to me. Now, as I start to make decisions based on my personal roadmap & my why. I'm now able to stay focused on what really matters.

Why Choose the VIP Intensive?

Unlock the magic of focus

We know just how busy you are

We know that your needs, interests will differ from others, after all, we’re all different.

So whilst there are 10 steps, you will be firmly in the driving seat for this journey.

This means for the next 6-months, you get to decide the speed, direction & timing (with Chloe & her coaching toolkit riding shotgun).

So if you want to race to the finish, take stints on your own or want us to guide you down the well-trodden path, we’ve got you covered.

PLUS for a limited time we're offering these BONUSES for FREE

Package worth over £7,000, with these added bonuses and surprises thrown in.

  • FREE Ticket to The Why Weekender

    Invitation to to The Why Weekender Course giving you the opportunity to Find Your Why

    (Valued at: £595)

  • FREE Masterclass Access

    You'll have priority access to special masterclasses& sessions with guest experts throughout the year.

    (Valued at: £600)

  • FREE Personalised Goal Alignment Report & Session

    Your personalised detailed pool of potential report with 45 minute session with Chloe provding detailed feedback & support.

    (Valued at: £595)

The VIP Intensive Process

Create the life you want using the VIP Strategic Life Design Process

The 10 Steps of Strategic Life Design

Here's a look at the curriculum to navigate at your own pace, your coach supporting you each step of the way.

  1. 1
    • VIDEO: Welcome to Strategic Life Design!

    • Your Strategic Life Design Intentions & Priorities

    • Your Reflections

    • Assignment: Submit your Pre-Play

  2. 2
    • Your Purpose

    • Optional Attendance: The Why Weekender

  3. 3
    • Your HOW

    • Your Energy Gainers & Drainers

  4. 4
    • Your Values

    • Your Pool of Potential

  5. 5
    • Your Beliefs

  6. 6
    • Your Inspiration

  7. 7
    • Your Dream & the Difference You'll Make

    • Your Vision

    • Your Mission

  8. 8
    • Your Goals (Outcomes)

  9. 9
    • Your Action Plan

  10. 10
    • Your Support Team

    • Your Supportive Behaviours

  11. 11
    • Your Roadmap

  12. 12
    • Your Reflections & Commitments

Meet Chloe, your Guide

Founder of popp | Leadership Coach | Facilitator | Your Biggest Cheerleader

𝗠𝘆 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 is to empower high achievers to strategically design & live the life they want. To find an integration both in & out of work that works for them. Be that the career, purpose, family, wellbeing.

I believe life is short & with the average person spending a third of their life working, we should create a balance that allows us to thrive across aspects.

So I became a certified ICF Executive Leadership Coach. I left my corporate dream job; leading a thriving team, spearheading positive change in culture, wellbeing, business & people performance to support many more corporate professionals to find fulfilment across their lives.

I built popp to be a support crew for leaders. Elite athletes have them. Why shouldn’t we?

Together let’s re-write the rulebook of what work-life balance (integration) looks like so you can sustainably succeed as the leader you wish you had.

If you would like to “BE the change”, I would love to discuss how we can support you. Whether it's through this programme or in another facet, I'd love to understand more about you.

Hear from James

Discover the impact it's had for him

Still Have Questions?

Here are some of the most frequently asked. But whether you have more or not book a call with Chloe as we want to make sure it's the best fit.

  • I’m not sure if I can afford it. What should I do?

    To help we offer a payment plan to make it as easy to say YES as possible we offer the programme in 6-monthly installments.

    But if you are not in a financial position to invest in this right now here’s a couple of suggestions:

    1. Consider what you’re currently spending and whether that’s worth the cost of inaction.

    2. Try your hand at pitching to your company to support (or we recommend co-fund) your spot - reach out and we can send you a guide on how to pitch like a pro and set yourself up for success in this conversation.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Usually, this would be no. But I’m 100% committed to supporting those who are ready and willing to embrace change for themselves. Whilst we both will be selective on who we work with, sometimes it just isn’t a great fit. So, if within the first 30 days, you’re not happy we’ll refund your money AND you can even keep your access to the curriculum.

  • How much time will I need to commit?

    Time! We’ll discuss this, is a matter of priorities so great question as we both want you to be sure when you say YES, you can commit.

    The bare minimum would be to attend the 10X 1:1 coaching calls within the 6 month period. But I know, as the high achiever I know you are I know you’ll want to set aside more than this. Outside of our call, you'll have access to the portal content & you will work with Chloe to align on what to focus on.

    Generally an hour a week should be sufficient, but this is up to you. Additionally you'll have access to community & bonus events. We’ll record these sessions so you can watch back in your own time and the online course is available to playback. Lastly, included FREE in your registration is a ticket to The Why Weekender, this is optional but will be in addition, generally this is a couple of hours on two weekends.

    Ultimately, we’re all different so will help you discover a rhythm that works for you & help keep you accountable to that.

  • I’m nervous about making a long term commitment, help!

    Yup, you’re not alone. We aren’t used to investing in ourselves and find it difficult when we don’t fully know the end result. But remember this investment isn’t just about you - it’s about growing into the version of yourself that is able to make the impact you dream of, be there for your teams (now & future) and your loved ones.

  • How will this work in practice?

    Ahead of your programme, we’ll work together to design the coaching to suit both your leadership goals and your working style. You’ll have access to my diary to choose your sessions when they best work for you, whether that’s a regular slot or not. Depending on your location, we can have a mix of in-person and virtual sessions. In between sessions will be “home-play” to support you to embed and apply but only as much as you’re comfortable with and find beneficial.

  • How flexible can the schedule be?

    I appreciate just how busy you are. To make it as easy as possible for you, I make sure my availability is flexible. Be your preference evening, weekend, UK, Australia or elsewhere in the world; you should be able to find a time that works for you. If you can’t, message me, and we’ll find a time that does. If something comes up last minute and you need to reschedule, I offer flexibility outside of a 24hr window so you can move your session as needed. That said, I only take on a small number of clients to allow this flexibility; just as you’ll have my total commitment, this won’t work unless you fully commit too.

  • What can I expect from Coaching with Chloe?

    Chloe here! Here to share a bit about my approach to Coaching so you can decide whether we’re an excellent fit for your personal transformation.

    I believe in going above and beyond in everything I commit to, and so I can effectively do that, I limit the number of clients I take on. For my coaching clients, your support extends well beyond just our 1:1 sessions; you’ll have unlimited between-session contact, personalised client-only resources, and insights that are unique to you.

    Coaching is a 2-way commitment. So you, too, will need to show up to do the work both within our sessions and in-between. What this will look like will be entirely driven by you. I know just how busy you are, and so you will be in charge of not only the topics we explore based on your desired outcomes but the commitments you make to how you bring those to life. Once you commit, I will be holding you to account.

    As part of our coaching agreement, I will be clear about what Coaching is and is not. If you are looking for advice, Coaching may not be the best way to support you, instead, you might want to explore one of our courses, investigate mentorship or consultancy. Through Coaching, you are empowered to find the answers yourself by tapping into yourself, your strengths & resources. A previous client articulates this experience beautifully here.

    Whether I’m the right coach for you or not, if you want to find out more about choosing the right coaching fit, I’ve pulled together the best of the research I did when starting my coaching journey here.

  • I've already completed The Why Weekender is this for me?

    Abso-freaking-lutely. In fact it's recommended (either this 1:1 option or the group version).

    Now you've discovered your why, we want to support you in putting it into action.

    Plus if you'd like to gift your FREE ticket to a friend or loved ones that would be incredible. Seriously, what could be better than giving someone purpose. Dreamy.

  • Have more questions? Or want to know how to get started?

    It’s simple. You click the “Book FREE clarity call” button below and choose a date and time that suits you for an initial consultation call.

    We’ll use that time to clarify your goals, design our alliance and consider if we’re a good fit.

    We're here to help and we'll always be honest when we don't think the fit is there, so just ask.

    If we’re both happy: you pay your first instalment, book in your first session, and that’s it, you’re on board.

Hear from Maria

As she shares her experience of the programme

What's stopping you?

Want to discuss programme fit? Book a FREE 1:1 clarity call with Chloe